Watch Sleeping Beauty Movie
Watch Sleeping Beauty Movie

Millions of people are expected to eventually watch Sleeping Beauty movie upon its North American release in December. Sleeping Beauty 2011 is a drama film directed by Julia Leigh, starring Emily Browning, Rachael Blake and Ewen Leslie. Julia Leigh also wrote the screenplay for this movie, which was shot in Australia. The production of this film was handled by Screen Australia and Magic Films, who produced the film for around $3,000,000. Considering the success of Sleeping Beauty, so far, this is a small price to pay for the production of a movie. The hype surrounding this film has certainly been intense in the past few months. Hopefully the movie lives up to expectations of film lovers in North America.

  Sleeping Beauty is a film that paints a haunting portrait of the main character Lucy, who is played wonderfully by the actress Emily Browning. The story line takes us through a troubling world of hidden and unspoken sexual desires into which Lucy falls. Lucy is a beautiful female student trying to find a way to pay for her education. Attempting a number of different and often troubling jobs, Lucy eventually lands a job as a waitress. In her new job she works half naked, but is assured no actual sex or sexual penetration is ever required. She’s also told taking drugs on the job is allowed in her new position.

 Quickly promoted to a new position requiring her to sleep without clothes in a rather large bed. Lucy finds out she’ll also be expected to take sleeping pills in her new position. While sleeping she’ll be observed by three different men, but no actual sex will take place. This is troubling for Lucy, since she won’t know what’s happening to her while she’s asleep. A major part of the story of the movie deals with Lucy finding out exactly what’s happening while she’s sleeping.

You can watch Sleeping Beauty movie or wait until it comes out in December. Millions of movie lovers are expected to eventually take the time to watch Sleeping Beauty movie once it arrives. If you love great foreign films, with outstanding acting and a story line sure to keep you interested. You might find Sleeping Beauty is the right film for you. Sleeping Beauty is a startling depiction of human nature sure to make you think about life and living in a modern world.



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